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GPS is a company that provides support services of all kinds to the Shipping industry.

Port Agency solutions to all seaborne trades together with comprehensive and complete logistic services that provide solutions covering land, sea, airfreight, warehousing, customs clearance and distribution.

To make these services stand out, GPS strategy includes ongoing investment in the skills of it' s staff and Information Technology.

Port Agents

Winter layup facilities

Yacht management

Yacht charters

Day fishing trips, Day tours, Week tours, etc.

Yacht yard arrangements

Atlas S.A.

Chalkitis S.A.


Crew management

Quality assurance


Security clearance

Wide range of barges

VIP Transfers


Customs clearance


Concierge Services


Underwater inspection capabilities

Oil pollution prevention equipment

Oil/Gas platform services

Shipyard access capabilities

Atlas S.A.

Chalkitis S.A.

Medical assistance

Assistance with Greek Port Authorities



Features of Greek Port Services



GPS has been established since 2004 for Ship Agency services. It was from such modest beginnings with our team of dedicated and committed personnel, that the company has gained the trust of many ship owners, charterers and managers.


Greek Port Services currently serves a serious number of Yacht customers worldwide and employs/ collaborates with 8 people in the greater area of Greece.


The strength of our company lies with our vast knowledge and broad understanding of the shipping industry which we had been associated with for the last 25 years and with total commitment towards all our principals providing them with competitive prices and quality services.


The main activity of our company is Agency Service for all types of vessels, from tankers to liner vessels, from mega yachts to cruise vessels, and from tugs to aircraft carriers.


The head office is located in Piraeus, Greece.


Our services are also available for all types of vessels calling within Greek waters and also providing complete logistic services.

Project Chartering

We are able to arrange transport and deliver of oversize cargo, as well as arranging for customs documentation for road, sea or air transport. Project planning, route selection, packaging, haulage, cranes, overseas handling, storage and deliveries are all part of the arrangements. We at GPS understand the complexity of Project handling, therefore over the years we have built up a trusted network of reliable partners.


Service Attributes:

  • Trusted and reliable partners
  • Very good relationship with project forwarders and local authorities
  • Professional, well experienced, skilled and dedicated team
  • Able to handle any kind of project cargoes
  • Route planning, mobilization of equipment and safe delivery
  • Commitment to quality of efficiency and safety
  • Providing reliable communication for optimized project control

Chartering and Brokerage

We understand that to service international clientele, shipping, transport and commercial knowledge is crucial, as wekk as chartering and brokerage are vital elements in the ship’s agency business. Over the years we have developed a complete line of efficient and reliable partners that include many world-wide brokers as well as shipowners / managers.

Port Agency


Core Business

Port Agency is our core business. Our agency services have gradually developed and improved from year to year, by having very good relations with port operators, immigration, customs and other authorities, enabling us to offer high quality service at a reasonable price. We have highly skilled staff with vast amount of experience in the agency business and servicing vessels. Also we aim to serve vessels with all their needs like supplies, repair and technical services as quickly and economically possible. GPS Ship Agency offers full range of shipping and port services, acting on behalf of liner companies, tramp and cruise vessels operators, operators, navy vessels but to mention a few to represent their interests in facilitating their ships arrival, clearance, loading, discharging, S&P, bunkering, crew changes and many more in all Greek Ports. Our experienced and competent staff is at your service 24/7, all year around.

Agency Services

Our agency services include:

  • Shipping agency
  • Loading / Discharging attendance
  • Project and Heavy Lift cargoes
  • Ship - to - ship transfer
  • Ship' s supply (provision, freshwater, bonded stores etc.)
  • Bunkers and Lubricants
  • Repairs and Drydocking
  • Hull, deck and engine survey support
  • Garbage and Waste oil disposal services
  • Underwater repairs, cleaning, photography
  • Arranging medical attendance
  • Crew changes and repatriation
  • Motorboat and Car services
  • Delivery services (cash to master, spares , mail and stores)
  • Advisory in legal matters
  • Oil environmental pollution services and equipment

Agency Division Services

  • Berth reservations
  • Clearance
  • Issuance of cargo documents
  • Ship, crew and passenger services
  • Supply and Delivery of Provisions and Stores
  • Bunkers
  • Fresh Water supply
  • Clearance and Delivery of Ship' s spares and Stores
  • Crew changes, including airport greet and meet, transportation and VISA arrangements
  • Undertaking of Under water Inspections, Survey and any repairs
  • Medical attendance on Crew members
  • Marine survey
  • Representation
  • And all other services required by Master / Owners

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